Test tubes and DNA with Free Math and Science Simulations text Test tubes and DNA with Free Math and Science Simulations text

PhET: Free Math and Science Simulations for Every Level

Let’s face it, in-person labs and simulations are amazing tools to help students make connections with standards, concepts, theories and problem solving as they play out in real life. Another real life component is that time, budgets and spaces can be a true barrier for many classrooms. What if you could have access to over […]

sun like orange and yellow circle with text some new google updates ready to utilize these features

Google Classroom Now Does WHAT?

It’s finally here! The latest update to Google Classroom will allow …. drum roll … scheduling assignments, materials, questions, and announcements across multiple classes. What a time saver! Want to have practice sets embedded into your Google Classroom that will utilize AI to help grade, track and give feedback? Welcome the Beta version of Google […]

Code and triangle icons with Text Amazon Future Engineers Connecting STEM in the classroom to future careers on muted purple background

From STEM to Career with Amazon Future Engineer’s Class Chats

Bringing STEM to the classroom can take many forms and having the right resources sometimes poses a challenge. Have a device and a way to project? How about inviting an Amazon professional to speak with your classes about the ways tech has influenced their career path and how it’s a vital part of what they […]

Paint brushes overlap with different colors text Time to Get creative express yourself explore innovate inspire

Tap Into Creativity with Crayola’s First Creativity Week

Say the word Crayola and it conjures so many different activities and colors and projects. Whether your January view out of the window is showing a blanket of snow or there’s a tropical scene, Crayolas’ first ever Creativity Week is bound to bring something for everyone. The company makes it easy to sign up and […]

Student writing in book with subject area pictures such as a plane vines musical notes soccer and a castle

Encourage Writing to Learn with the NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program

Although we are halfway through the month of November, it’s never too late to celebrate National Novel Writing Month! NaNoWriMo was developed to give a “fun, empowering approach to creative writing” by offering up a yearly challenge to writers of any age or experience level to write a novel in 30 days. The main site […]

Leaves in the background, Title Classroomscreen with two faces conversation "ask neighbor."

Classroom Management Made Visual

Classrooms are busier than ever covering standards, scaffolding, grouping and working to make lessons engaging and meaningful. This means sometimes going to multiple windows or utilizing multiple apps to keep everything balanced and running smoothly. Posters around the room display procedures or directions for class behavior, but wall space and time are at a premium. […]

A man and woman sit at a table with microphones; Headline reads Redisover Podcasting

Podcast Power Part One

There are so many uses for podcasts that go well beyond just having great listening material. Not only can you create a wealth of information for your students in an engaging format but you can also extend that same creativity and empowerment to your students! Need some inspiration? Check out Jeff Glade’s amazing curation of […]

Edit and version history in Google Docs and Sheets

New Features for Edit and Version History In Google Docs & Sheets

In the past, you have been able to use the File menu to see the version history in Google Docs and Google Sheets. This would allow you to see all of the versions by date, time and the name of the person who edited the file. Although this has been extremely helpful, Google is now […]

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 asks everyone to thank a teacher

We Appreciate You!

Thank you! These two words are often lost in the shuffle of life, and over the past year teachers have been asked to go way beyond the norm in order to support student learning, growth and well-being. We just wanted to pause from our regular how-to or tech integration posts to take a moment to […]

Header Image with title Mastering Materials in Google Classroom

Using Materials in Google Classroom to Support Student Success

Before Learn From Home and Return to Learn were a part of our everyday vocabulary, we shared resources and materials with students in a variety of ways: photocopied packets, learning maps, school directory pages, websites. Now that all teachers are using Google Classroom for instruction, we wanted to give you an overview (or a reminder […]