Graduation Requirements

The Henderson County Public Schools have four high schools (East Henderson, North Henderson, West Henderson, & Early College) that operate on a “block” schedule, one high school (Hendersonville) that operates on a “traditional, seven period day” schedule, and one high school (Balfour Education Center) that operates on a “modified block and traditional” schedule.

During their four years of high school, students on the block schedule have an opportunity to earn 32 credits; students on the traditional schedule have an opportunity to earn 28 credits; and students on the modified schedule have an opportunity to earn 26 credits.

Students need 28 credits to graduate with a high school diploma from the four block schedule high schools, (East Henderson High, North Henderson High, West Henderson High, & the Early College). Students need 24 credits to graduate with a high school diploma from the traditional seven period day (Hendersonville High School), and students need 22 credits to graduate from the Balfour Education Center, which operates on the modified schedule.

Course Requirements for All Students

English (4)

English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4

Math (4)

Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 and a fourth math aligned to the students’ post high school plan

Social Studies (4)

World History, Civics & Economics, American History 1, American History 2

Science (3)

Earth & Environmental Science, Biology, and a physical science course (chemistry, physics, or physical science)

Physical Education (1)

Health & PE


The number of electives depends upon the type of student schedule.  Block schedule – 12 electives; Seven Period Day schedule – 8 electives; Modified schedule – 6 electives

CPR Skills

Pass an approved test of CPR skills, as required by NC State Board policy.