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School Calendars

2023-2024 School Calendars

Printable School Calendars

2023-2024 Traditional Calendar    (eReader Version for Traditional Calendar)

2023-2024 Early College Calendar    (eReader Version for Early College Calendar)

2023-2024 Flex Calendar    (eReader Version for Flex Calendar)


2023-2024 Traditional Calendar Spanish Version    (eReader Version for Traditional Calendar in Spanish)

2023-2024 Early College Calendar Spanish Version   (eReader Version for Early College Calendar in Spanish)

2023-2024 Flex Calendar Spanish Version   (eReader for Flex Calendar in Spanish)


Learn more about North Carolina School Calendar Law.

Online Calendar Directions: 

    • If you have a Google account, you can subscribe to any of our calendars.  Simply click on the Google icon in the bottom right-hand corner to open our calendars and choose specific events or calendars for subscribing.

Color key for district calendar. Green represents the Traditional Calendar, Blue represents the Early College Calendar, and Red represents the Flex Calendar