From STEM to Career with Amazon Future Engineer’s Class Chats

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Bringing STEM to the classroom can take many forms and having the right resources sometimes poses a challenge. Have a device and a way to project? How about inviting an Amazon professional to speak with your classes about the ways tech has influenced their career path and how it’s a vital part of what they do?

Amazon’s Future Engineer program offers Class Chats, connecting classrooms to Amazon professionals from Transportation to UX Design to Software Development. The chat includes a highly valuable career talk and then  Q&A for your aspiring tech wizards and creatives alike. Plan on these chats taking approximately 60 minutes with sign ups based upon time and a first come, first served basis.

Amazon Future Engineer also offers up Career Panels. These are live, interactive events at pre-set times. Plan on anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and hear from a panel of experts sharing their career pathways and how STEM plays a vital role in a highly competitive industry.

Need a time slot that was filled? Missed a Panel event? Flipping your classroom? There is also a new Class Chats video library to access videos on-demand. You can watch a 10 minute video of career stories covering a variety of roles or you can tune in to a 60 minute panel event.

Keep this site bookmarked, as chats are completely FREE and Amazon Future Engineer continues to put out ready-to-use materials and opportunities for classrooms everywhere.

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