Tap Into Creativity with Crayola’s First Creativity Week

Paint brushes overlap with different colors text Time to Get creative express yourself explore innovate inspire

Say the word Crayola and it conjures so many different activities and colors and projects. Whether your January view out of the window is showing a blanket of snow or there’s a tropical scene, Crayolas’ first ever Creativity Week is bound to bring something for everyone. The company makes it easy to sign up and there are a wealth of opportunities available for you and your students and their families.

The event takes place January 24 – 30, 2022 and participation includes activities, resources, a curriculum guide and access to the daily videos, giveaways and content. Not sure how to jump in? The site also makes this easy by providing activity videos with and daily Thinking Sheets.

Each day a new creative Creator is featured along with a Challenge. These also have a focus on the topic of the day such as Social and Emotional Learning and Kindness, Innovative Ways to Solve Problems, Story Creation, Personal Identity, and Cultures Around the World to name a few.

It’s never too late to inspire creativity and it’s not too late to join in the Crayola Creativity Week fun. Check it out on their website and social media.

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