Podcast Power Part One

A man and woman sit at a table with microphones; Headline reads Redisover Podcasting

There are so many uses for podcasts that go well beyond just having great listening material. Not only can you create a wealth of information for your students in an engaging format but you can also extend that same creativity and empowerment to your students!

Need some inspiration? Check out Jeff Glade’s amazing curation of podcasts all themed around months of the year. There is an impressive representation of suggested grade levels and types of podcasts to choose from. These monthly lists are great no matter what time of year, but the collection also allows teachers to jump in during the current month for inspiration, additional lesson content or a substitution for traditional presentation tools.

The most obvious use of student podcasting in the classroom is to simply change up the way students do book reviews and reports. It doesn’t have to end there! Students can use podcasts to add to their presentations, do interviews, create sound stories, promote passion projects, compose public service announcements, practice speaking or language acquisition, respond to traditional stories, develop interactive journaling and so much more.

Ready to start your podcasting journey? Keep an eye out for upcoming HCPS Digital Learning Team courses or reach out to us directly! If you like the curated lists of podcasts, Jeff Glade also offers courses and training. Erik Ofgang’s article Podcasting for Educators in Tech & Learning and NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge Training page are also good places to start when eyeing podcasts for your classroom or school.

Already using podcasts? We’d love to hear about your journey!

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