Google Classroom Now Does WHAT?

sun like orange and yellow circle with text some new google updates ready to utilize these features

It’s finally here! The latest update to Google Classroom will allow …. drum roll … scheduling assignments, materials, questions, and announcements across multiple classes. What a time saver!

Want to have practice sets embedded into your Google Classroom that will utilize AI to help grade, track and give feedback? Welcome the Beta version of Google Classroom Practice Sets? Want to be part of the test and give feedback? Go to the bottom of the Classroom Practice Sets page for the link and apply!

ICYMI, Slides received an update in December that now supports originality reports. Just like Docs, you can turn on originality reports when you create an assignment or once an assignment has been turned in. Review for flagged passages just as you would in the docs version as well.

As an added note, you may have noticed Chat (for teachers and staff) has a new look. You can toggle easily between your mail, chat and other features on the left side toolbar area. Ever typed into a chat and wished you could autocorrect or edit? That feature is also available by clicking that famous edit pencil!

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