Fall leaves on wood background with text Thanks Google 100 plus applied digital skills lessons for all Fall leaves on wood background with text Thanks Google 100 plus applied digital skills lessons for all

Applied Digital Skills Lessons for Teachers, Students and Parents!

Hearing Google has a huge list of lessons and training videos for teachers, students and families may be surprising at first. However, Grow with Google is offering a free curriculum specifically targeted towards helping students enhance the digital skills that will help make them even more prepared for a myriad of employment opportunities in the […]

Securly 360 Cloud: Student Safety and Device Management cover title photo

Securly Cloud 360: Prioritizing Student Safety and Device Management

Henderson County Public Schools are excited to share that we have purchased Securly 360 Cloud, a system designed to ensure student safety, provide internet filtering and device management tools for the classroom. This system has web-filtering for all device types including ways to monitor for cyberbullying, suicide and violence. It also provides Securly Classroom for […]

Podcast PD NC cover photo with headphone icon

Podcast PD NC

The Innovative Learning Catalysts from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction are offering recorded podcasts on up-to-date issues for educators to experience a different type of professional development. With topics ranging from Social Emotional Learning to Choosing the Right Tools, there is something for everyone. In addition to providing the podcasts for you to […]

Logo for Copyright Support page from NCWiseOwl

NCWiseOwl Monthly Feature: NCWiseOwl Tool Kit Copyright Support Page

On the NCWiseOwl website, under the Home tab you will find a link to the NCWiseOwl Toolkit. This provides additional tools for educators. One of the most helpful resources found here is the Copyright Support page. As we all know, instructing students on copyright and fair use is not only an important component in their […]

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