Bus Driver Employment

Bus drivers are employed by Henderson County Public Schools on a part-time and full-time basis.  Human Resources will be accepting applications and Principal referrals throughout the year.

Requirements for Employment

In order to drive a school bus, an individual must have:

  • A valid Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL) with P and S endorsements.*
  • A current DOT Medical Card (after medical exam).
  • A negative DOT drug test result.

*No previous experience is necessary. The district will provide opportunities for required training and reimburse bus drivers for upfront costs after successful completion and hire (see “Reimbursements”).


Starting pay for HCPS bus drivers is $15.08 an hour. Part-time and full-time status is based on hours employed per week, which can be influenced by bus routes assigned. Full-time employees are eligible for full benefits.

Multi-Trip Bonuses

Drivers can earn the following bonuses each month, based on the number of trips they make per pay period. Days worked will be tracked using the Substitute & Bus Driver Pay Dates.

Trips Per Month Bonus Amount
10-19 $75
20-29 $150
30+ $300

Hiring Process

  1. Complete an Bus Driver Employment Application (submitted online).  Your application will be uploaded within 24 hours.  You may check to see if your application has been received by calling 828-697-4733.  The application must be filled out completely.  Failure to do so will result in a processing delay.
  2. Contact a school administrator at the school(s) where you would like to drive. The school administrator and Transportation Department will determine your next steps for required training and/or DOT paperwork (see below).

Acquiring a Class B CDL

  1. Contact a school administrator at the school where you would like to drive.
  2. The school administrator will register you for a bus class.
  3. Schedule an online appointment with the DMV for after the final class date, to receive your permit after successful completion of the bus class.
  4. After successful completion of the bus class, the school administrator will forward a referral to Human Resources. After HR has received your Recommendation for Hire, you will be contacted by email with instructions for onboarding, including how to register for a DOT physical and DOT drug test.
  5. Obtain your CDL permit from the DMV at your scheduled time (must hold permit 14 days prior to driving).
  6. Schedule your required driving time with HCPS’ driving instructor (4 days on the road).
  7. Schedule an appointment with the DMV for a date after the final date of driving time, to receive your license.


Prospective employees are responsible for upfront costs of their permit and license from the DMV, and the required DOT Medical Exam and Drug Test. Upon successful hire, a new employee will receive reimbursement from HCPS for:

  • their DOT Medical Exam and DOT Drug Test after the employee drives once for a HCPS school.
  • their DMV permit and DMV license after the employee has been employed for six months.

All prospective bus drivers are subject to approval pending the outcome of their criminal background check.