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Student Health

Remember the best way to prevent illness is to wash your hands!

Mission Statement

The mission of the school nurse is to remove health barriers so that optimal learning can occur.

StudentsContact Information

Kim Berry, Supervisor
1200 Spartanburg Hwy
Suite 100
Hendersonville, NC 29792

School Nurse Roles and Responsibilities

  • Oversee medication program in schools
  • Vision screening program:training, referrals, and assistance to families
  • Monitor immunization compliance
  • Case management for children with chronic illnesses, including training teachers or assistants to provide care for these students
  • Develop emergency plans for children with severe or urgent health needs
  • Follow up on injury reports
  • First aid triage
  • Assessment of children with acute illness
  • Management of children with excessive absences
  • Abuse/Neglect
  • Serve on Care Teams
  • Communicable disease control
  • Staff education and wellness programs
  • Women’s health issues
  • Dental referrals
  • Mental health referrals and counseling
  • Help coordinate Health Fairs and follow up on abnormal findings

Please contact your school nurse if your child has any type of health condition or concern. The school nurse will work with parents, teachers, and students to develop a care plan for school.