Substitute Teachers


Substitute teachers are employed by Henderson County Public Schools on an as-needed basis to fill in for absent classroom teachers.  In order to be a substitute teacher, an individual must have a minimum of forty-eight (48) semester hours on a transcript from a college or university or hold a teaching license.

To be placed on the substitute teacher list you must fall into one of the categories listed below and meet the following criteria:

Group A – Licensed Teachers holding a valid(current) teaching license.

Group B– Retired Henderson County Public School Teachers or Teacher Assistants

Group C – Non Certified (does not hold a teaching license – however, must have a minimum of 48 semesters hours from a college or university required)

Step 1

Henderson County Public Schools requires all applicants to fill out an online application for all positions.  Please complete the online application at the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) website and submit to “Henderson Co. Board of Pub. Ed.”   Your application will be submitted within 24 hours.  You may check to see if your application has been received by calling 828-697-4733.  The application must be filled out completely.  Failure to do so will result in a processing delay.

Step 2

Attend the required online Sub Certification Program through WRESA (Western Region Education System Alliance).  This is for non-certified personnel only.

Step 3

Your application will be reviewed, references checked, all documentation will be evaluated, and a complete background check will be completed.  If acceptable, you will be processed to be employed as a substitute teacher.


A complaint from any school regarding performance of a substitute teacher may result in being removed from the schools’ substitute teacher list and/or removing that substitute from the Henderson County Schools approved substitute teacher list.


A substitute teacher’s pay is based on being a Certified Substitute or a Non-Certified Substitute.  Approved substitute teachers that are classified as Certified (holding a current teaching license) are paid $103.00 per day which is 65% of beginning teacher pay per day.  If you are classified as a Non-Certified substitute teacher (48 semester hours) or your teaching license has expired the rate of pay is $80.00 per day which is 50% of beginning teacher pay.


1. Completed Application (and submitted online)

2. Please fill out completely the following forms:

I-9 (Print Page 7 and 8 Only)
Health Certificate (to be completed by your physician)
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (voided check required)

3. Official College Transcripts/Copy of Teaching License

4. Drivers License

5. Social Security Card

6. Principal Recommendation Form.  (Must Interview with a School Principal first). This form will be completed by school administration and submitted to the Human Resource Department.

7. Complete the online Sub Certification Program with WRESA(Western Region Education Service Alliance)  (required by Group C non-certified only)

8.  Certificate of Completion from Sub Certification Program (required by Group C non-certified only)

  • All prospective substitute teachers are subject to approval pending the outcome of their criminal background check. Upon completion of the Sub Teacher requirements and approval by Henderson County Public Schools, your name will be placed on the official Sub Teacher List.