Annotating Your Instruction Annotating Your Instruction

Annotating Your Instruction

Being able to show and model for students while explaining instructional concepts is so powerful. When teaching in a live and virtual environment, this can be challenging. Having tools which make that easy can make all the difference in the impact of your instruction. We have an idea that might help you when showing content […]

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FAQs with the @Team

We receive many questions each day on a variety of topics associated with remote and digital learning. There are a couple of questions that we have found to be consistent among these. We wanted to share them with you and give you a few ideas for managing these questions during Plan B. How do I […]

New Virtual Sessions & Courses

New Virtual Sessions and Courses

Teaching remote students brings its own set of challenges for educators. Teachers are finding it more important than ever to strengthen their own digital skills, to add more tools to their technology toolbox, and to get ideas for engaging remote learners. This also means that we, as professional development providers, need to continue to be […]

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Presenting During a Meet with Sound

Presenting with sound during your Google Meet sessions? Whether you are presenting a video, website with audio, presentation with embedded content or other sounds-related tool, you will want to use the Present with Chrome tab. This can be tricky if you’re sharing a Slideshow. Watch this video to learn how to present Slides without using […]

Virtual Whiteboards for Instruction

Virtual Whiteboards

Teaching remotely doesn’t have to mean that you lose the ability to use your whiteboard! Did you know there are digital tools that can help to replicate the whiteboard experience during remote instruction? Here are two tools that can help facilitate whiteboards for instructional use. Jamboard Although Jamboards are actual boards produced by Google for […]

Creating Discussion Groups in Google Classroom

Creating Virtual Discussion Groups in Google Classroom

Creating opportunities for collaboration during remote instruction can be a little tricky, but we can certainly get creative using the tools we have. For example, let’s think about Google Classroom. The tools within Google Classroom allow for teachers to differentiate assignments. There is also a tool for asking open ended questions without the need for […]

Searching for Resources?

Searching for Resources?

With HCPS starting the school year in Plan C, are you looking for resources to help you support students during remote learning? Here are some important tips and resources to help you start 2020-2021 off right! HCPS Portal for All Remote Learning Resources – This is the hub for all things Return to Learn from […]

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Share Your Learn From Home Success Stories

Wow, over two months of Learn From Home! It has been exciting to witness how the teachers, staff, administrators and leadership have responded to this challenging time. Teachers, we have seen and heard about the amazing things happening in your virtual classrooms. We would be proud to shine a spotlight on some of the fabulousness […]

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Learn From Home Reminders for Teachers

By now, we have provided Learn From Home for students in HCPS for almost two months. In many ways, it seems like just yesterday, but the hard work and effort being shown by teachers is inspiring beyond measure. Teachers, students and families have displayed grit and have come together to try to make this experience […]

Adding a Personal Touch to Learn From Home

Adding a Personal Touch to Learn From Home

The Learn From Home model is new to everyone – teachers, staff, students, and parents/guardians. It has thrown us all into a time that none of us has ever experienced. So there is no instruction book or how-to guide for teaching in these times.  We have to rely on our experience in other situations to […]

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