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We receive many questions each day on a variety of topics associated with remote and digital learning. There are a couple of questions that we have found to be consistent among these. We wanted to share them with you and give you a few ideas for managing these questions during Plan B.

How do I keep my students engaged during remote learning?

Engaging students is one of the greatest, yet most rewarding parts of working virtually with them. Please take a look at these resources to promote engagement in your virtual classroom.

8 Strategies to Improve Participation in Your Virtual Classroom

10 Ways to Improve Student Engagement in Virtual Classrooms

I am using breakout rooms in Google Meet. Any ideas for managing this and using them creatively?

We have been patiently awaiting the arrival of breakout rooms to promote collaborative interaction with groups of students in Google Meet. Now that it is active and working well, here are a few ideas to up your game with this tool.

10 Ideas For Using Virtual Breakout Rooms During Distance Learning

K-12 Teaching Tools: Virtual Breakout Rooms

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