Learn From Home Reminders for Teachers

Person standing on stairs with title "Take a Step Back"

By now, we have provided Learn From Home for students in HCPS for almost two months. In many ways, it seems like just yesterday, but the hard work and effort being shown by teachers is inspiring beyond measure. Teachers, students and families have displayed grit and have come together to try to make this experience as good as possible for all. Today, we wanted to take a step back and remind you of some of the resources available to teachers as you continue Learn From Home with your students and their families.

Don’t forget the Technology Resources for HCPS Teachers. This slideshow provides links to specific categorized digital learning resources, site table of contents, Take-a-Breather Tech Minute videos, free resources for teachers organized by topic, and links to get tech support.

Also remember that we have provided Learn From Home Technology Support for Parents and Guardians (ESP). This document will share assistance information on Chromebooks, Google Classroom, Google Chat & Meet, iReady, Chrome troubleshooting and other resources (including how to receive help via email).

We hope that you are all feeling confident in this adventure, and we are so proud of the digital learning magic we are hearing about from teachers, administrators, parents, and the community. Remember, we are here to help!

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