New Virtual Sessions and Courses

New Virtual Sessions & Courses

Teaching remote students brings its own set of challenges for educators. Teachers are finding it more important than ever to strengthen their own digital skills, to add more tools to their technology toolbox, and to get ideas for engaging remote learners. This also means that we, as professional development providers, need to continue to be flexible with the ways in which we are supporting teachers during this challenge.

The HCPS Digital Learning PD Hub is in its third year. This hub provides online, asynchronous professional learning courses on a variety of topics. This year we have two types of courses: Focused and Comprehensive. Focused courses dive deep into a specific tool in order to provide direction on specific tool use and implementation. Comprehensive courses provide a broad topic and exposure to a variety of tools or methods to  support that particular content area. We have added a few new courses this year already: Teaching with Google Classroom, Using Google Meet, Screencasting Tools, Using Google Forms, Flipping for Flipgrid and Spark Learning with Adobe Spark. We will soon release two additional new courses on Choice Boards and Wakelet. To learn more or register for our courses, please visit the HCPS Digital Learning PD Hub page for more information.

In order to better support teachers and staff, we have also changed the way we do synchronous courses for 2020-2021. We are offering a new version of face-to-face courses this year using the virtual Meet platform. Staff can learn in place and join our live sessions right from the convenience of their classroom or office. We are looking forward to these sessions and hope that they will provide improved convenience for HCPS staff. Our first session is September 21st! For more information on topics and dates, please view our Live Digital Learning Sessions list.

Know that the HCPS @Team is here to support your digital learning needs! You are not alone!

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