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2024-2025 School Year

The PSAM and PSPM programs are currently operating at all 13 elementary schools. See our Program Overview for more information about PSAM and PSPM. Check the current here:

2024-2025 Child Care Traditional Calendar

2024-2025 Child Care Flex Calendar

Reservations in Child Care programs must be made on a weekly basis – which is the industry standard for the majority of child care providers in our area. Reservations for care, along with payments, are due the Friday prior to the week of Child Care desired.

Please see the fee schedule below for details.

HCPS Child Care Services Fee Schedule

Student Days

Regular Week (M-F) $35/week $80/week $115/week
Week w/Early Dismissal $35/week $85/week $120/week
Emergency Child Care $12/day $25/day $37/day

Non-Student Days

Teacher Workdays $28/day
“Summer PLUS” Week $140/week
Emergency Child Care $25/half day

*except for Emergency Child Care
NOTE: Emergency Child Care is based on availability and can not be reserved.

School weeks with Early Dismissal days or Teacher Workdays will result in a total weekly cost that reflects the number of “regular” days and unique “Early Dismissal” or “Teacher Workday” per-day rates, based on the hours of care (PSAM, PSPM, or both) reserved for each child. To see this fee schedule applied to the current school calendar, you can reference the Child Care Calendar links above for weekly breakdowns. Families wishing to use PLUS care on Teacher Workdays must reserve and pay at the site they are wishing to use on the Teacher Workday.

Important Information