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K12 Payment Center

How Do you Get Started? It’s simple!

  • First time users visit the K12 Payment Center website.
  • Click “Sign Up” then select your state and district from the drop-down lists.
  • Fill in your information to set up the account.
  • Click “Manage Students” to add your student(s) with their last name and student ID number.
  • Input your credit or debit card information and you’re ready to go!

Once you create your account and add your students, you will have access to your student’s meal account balance and access to pay other school fees. There is a small convenience fee per transaction (not per child) to cover credit card processing.

To make payment for PSAM-PSPM-PLUS:

  • Once in your account click “School Fees” and then “Available Fees”.
  • Select a Category. This is where you will choose what you wish to pay for. Example: PSAM Care, PSPM Care, Enrollment, etc.
  • In the area for “Date(s) Reserved”, please list the date(s) you are reserving for your child.
  • Payment is due no later than 6:00 pm on Friday, for the following week of care.  Although the online payment system will accept payments at any time, your child will not be able to attend childcare if your payment is posted after the deadline.