Facility Rental

The Henderson County Board of Public Education endorses the concept that school facilities should be available to the citizens of Henderson County. School administrators are to follow these procedures in making facilities available in an orderly and equitable manner.

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A. Student and teacher groups over whom the school administrator has jurisdiction and who are engaged in an activity which is considered a continuation of the school day and is an outgrowth of a school program or activity. (No contract necessary)

B. Organizations or groups which are cosponsors of educational activities and programs supporting or enhancing the school or school system. (Booster clubs, PTA, Adult Education) (No contract necessary)

C. Organized community groups, civic organizations, properly sponsored youth groups and non profit groups for non-income producing use. (Contract required)

D. Service agencies such as rescue squads, fire departments and law enforcement groups for special Events. (Contract required)

E. Organizations operated for private gain or any purpose involving private gain shall be permitted to use facilities only when a worthwhile educational, civic, or charitable purpose will be served or when a substantial group of citizens in the community will benefit. (Contract required) Henderson County Schools reserves the right of determination in all proprietary facility use request, along with the right to deny or charge additional fees for such use.


1. Schools facilities cannot be used by any individual, group or organization for any activity that is intended to overthrow the government by force, violence, or other unlawful means.

2. The principal or designee will coordinate facility rentals at his/her school and are the first point of contact. Principals have administrative control of their respective school buildings and grounds and will make all final decisions regarding facility use.

3. The school principal will supervise the scheduling and utilization of facilities. The principal will maintain a master schedule of activities for the school.

4. All fees for facility use are for a minimum of two hours.

5. Incidental use by community groups for a meeting place may be allowed by the principal with no charge.

6. The renting party shall be responsible for leaving the facility in the same condition as it was found. Renting party is responsible for any damage to equipment, furniture, and building.

7. No snacks or consumption of candy drinks or food except in areas designated for this purpose.

8. The use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or other products considered hazardous to health is prohibited on all school campuses or at any event on a school campus.

9. Activities in conflict with city or county ordinances or state laws are not permitted. The activity must be sponsored or provided for substantial participation by residents of Henderson County living in or near the community in which the school is located. Schools shall not be available for private entertainment, parties, or social functions. Schools may not be rented for long term agreements.

10. Certificate of Insurance is required with minimum limits of $1,000,000 insurance is required of all renting parties.

11. School functions have first priority to the use of school facilities.

12. Rentals will be automatically canceled when schools are closed due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions.

13. There shall be no change in the location of equipment or adjustments to wiring, stage props, sound systems or lighting without the permission of the principal. Any outside materials, devices, props, etc., must have prior approval of the principal. Electrical panels are off limits.

14. If kitchen facilities are rented, the cafeteria manager or designated cafeteria worker must be employed to supervise the use of equipment.  Depending on the size of the function, additional kitchen employees may be needed, at the cost of the renting party.

15. A building supervisor will be employed and present during use of building facilities and must be an employee of the Henderson County Board of Public Education. The time of service for building supervisor or workers will be paid through standard Board of Education payroll procedures. Normal clean-up is provided for each event. Building Supervisors must be employed .5 hours before the beginning of the event and .5 hours after the event is over. If an event requires excessive custodial service, the principal has the right to bill the client for all services rendered.

16. Renting groups are responsible for providing adequate supervision of children at all times. No child shall be left unsupervised on school premises.

17. Henderson County Parks and Recreation Services is a holder of second priority status.

18. The principal (designee) will invoice and secure deposits and payment from the renters. Checks are to be made payable to the individual school.

19. The Board of Education reserves the right to deny the use of a facility to any person or organization at any time and it is the final authority on the interpretation modification of the policy on public use of school facilities.

It is the policy of the Henderson County Public School System not to discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic origin, sex or disability in its educational programs, activities or employment policies.