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Have you ever closed a tab in Chrome by accident? Knowing this keystroke (Control-Shift-T) can quickly recover your closed tabs. Close several in one session? Then repeat the shortcut! This works on desktops and Chromebooks.

Control Shift T logo

Need to login to another Google Account? Use an Incognito window (Control-Shift-N) to login as another user. This can be super helpful if you need to troubleshoot something with a student’s account.

Control Shift N logo

Need to switch between tabs on your Chromebook? Use three fingers and slide left or right on the touchpad. This is a fast way to get between tabs and is super helpful when presenting information to students sor a smooth delivery of content.

Switch between tabs on chromebook with 3 fingers swiping left to right

Need to see all open windows on your Chromebook? Use three fingers and slide down the touchpad. This provides a very easy way to switch between open windows and apps.

See open windows on chromebook with 3 fingers swiping top to bottom

Need to go backward or forward on your Chromebook? Use two fingers and slide left to go back, right to go forward. This is helpful when using the Chrome browser and navigating backward and forward in a website.

Backward forward on chromebook with 2 fingers swiping left or right