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Leaving or Transferring Jobs

Steps to Take Before Leaving HCPS

Your Google Apps account will be suspended immediately after your final day with the district. It is important that you follow these steps before your account is no longer active. It is also important to note that NO personally identifiable student data be removed from HCPS.

  • You can download content from a school account and upload to a personal account before you leave. NO student PII (personally identifiable information) should be taken to a personal account.
  • Transfer ownership of any Drive items needed by another staff member. Please also take the time to declutter your Drive, and delete items not needed by other staff members.
  • Archive or Transfer ownership of any Google Classrooms needed by another staff member.
  • Forward any needed emails to another email account.

Steps to Take Before Transferring to Another Location or Position

When transferring to another location or position, you will be able to make the following changes after you move. However, if you own items which are needed by staff members at your original location, it is important to do so before you leave. (Example: A principal leaving a school would need to transfer ownership of documents in a shared staff folder.)