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Presenting During a Meet with Sound

Presenting with sound during your Google Meet sessions? Whether you are presenting a video, website with audio, presentation with embedded content or other sounds-related tool, you will want to use the Present with Chrome tab. This can be tricky if you’re sharing a Slideshow. Watch this video to learn how to present Slides without using […]

Virtual Whiteboards for Instruction

Virtual Whiteboards

Teaching remotely doesn’t have to mean that you lose the ability to use your whiteboard! Did you know there are digital tools that can help to replicate the whiteboard experience during remote instruction? Here are two tools that can help facilitate whiteboards for instructional use. Jamboard Although Jamboards are actual boards produced by Google for […]

Welcome back to HCPS

Welcome to 2020-2021

We want to welcome you to a new school year in HCPS! Whether you are a returning staff member or new to the district, we want to be sure you are ready for this year. Here are a few tips and resources to make sure you start out with the tech resources you need for […]

"Building the Bridge: From Crisis to the Classroom" #NCLearnsTogether

Missed NC Learns Together?

NC Learns Together finished its 3.0 version this week with the theme “Building the Bridge: From Crisis to the Classroom”. These virtual sessions were created by and for teachers across the state to support continued learning during this pandemic. These virtual conferences, supported by NCTIES and Trinity 3, were filled with opportunities to expand professional […]

What is App Smashing?

What is App Smashing?

You may have heard the term “app smashing” and wondered what that meant. Well, we’re here to clear things up! App smashing is when you create something using one app, then go to another app or apps to create something else. Lastly, you merge the content together and create a final product. Why smash app […]

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Finding Inspiration from Educational Technology Bloggers

Have you ever found yourself needing some inspiration to add a little technology in your classroom? As educators, we often find ourselves just trying to stay above water, leaving little time to innovate or try something new. One way to add a little spark into your technology integration is to follow quality bloggers who can […]

Keeping it Real with Google Keep

Keeping it Real with Google Keep

When I mention Google Keep to a group of people someone usually says “What’s Google Keep?” or “Google WHAT?”. I simply love introducing people to this innovative and multipurpose tool. So, even though I am a little surprised that not everyone knows about this Google app, I get excited to share my enthusiasm and attachment […]

Clear Touch Boards in HCPS

Clear Touch Boards Are Growing in HCPS

Clear Touch® boards are in quite a few HCPS schools now.  These interactive boards provide a way to have a digital whiteboard, display a desktop computer, mirror a Chromebook and use innovative Snowflake software with students to engage them in content-specific activities. This software allows teachers to create lessons based on their curriculum.  These lessons […]

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NCWiseOwl Monthly Feature: Professional Educator Resources

This month we want to highlight the Professional Educator Resources housed inside NCWiseOwl. This area is provided to support teachers in using digital & blended learning with tools such as: Educator References Databases of Publications Toolkits for Teachers Copyright Support Library Science and Technology Resources In addition, this section of NCWiseOwl contains links to digital […]

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Are You Ready for a Challenge?

With the New Year right around the corner, we want to challenge you to up your technology game! We know you already have many tools in your teaching toolbox, but why don’t you challenge yourself to experience “the 30 Tech Tools in 30 Days Challenge“? We encourage you to visit the challenge page and try […]

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