Clear Touch Boards Are Growing in HCPS

Clear Touch Boards in HCPS

Clear Touch® boards are in quite a few HCPS schools now.  These interactive boards provide a way to have a digital whiteboard, display a desktop computer, mirror a Chromebook and use innovative Snowflake software with students to engage them in content-specific activities. This software allows teachers to create lessons based on their curriculum.  These lessons are interactive and support feedback for student learning. These touch boards provide 20 points of touch so that more students can get involved in learning.

At Edneyville Elementary, there are 2 Clear Touch® boards which are connected to a stand that lowers and flattens the board so that many students can gather around up to four different activities at once. This provides an engaging way for students to collaborate and work together to solve problems. These boards are available in larger common areas.

If you are interested in learning more about these boards, visit our Clear Touch® and Snowflake Multiteach support page. You may also want to schedule a time to visit a school with these boards and see how they are using the software and input capabilities to extend and engage their student learning. We are so proud of these teachers who are integrating this hardware and software to support 21st Century Learning.

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