NCWiseOwl Monthly Feature: Professional Educator Resources

NCWiseOwl logo with Professional Educator Resources Heading

This month we want to highlight the Professional Educator Resources housed inside NCWiseOwl. This area is provided to support teachers in using digital & blended learning with tools such as:

  • Educator References
  • Databases of Publications
  • Toolkits for Teachers
  • Copyright Support
  • Library Science and Technology Resources

In addition, this section of NCWiseOwl contains links to digital teaching and learning resources from NCDPI including standards, curriculum and NC Digital Learning Competencies.

Links to resources from the State of North Carolina include:

  • NC Student Resources Page
  • NC Museum of Art
  • NC Natural and Cultural Educator Resources
  • NC Historic Sites Teacher Resources
  • NC Museum of History Classroom Resources
  • NC Museum of Natural Sciences LEARN

Please take advantage of these quality professional resources curated and presented for your use.

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