Who to Contact in the Finance Department


1099 Information – Lindsey Jorgensen
Accounts Receivable – Julia Adkins
Cook Spreadsheets – Lindsey Jorgensen
Budget Preparation & Monitoring – Kelda Livingston/Bernie Sochia
Budget/Expense Transfers – Kelda Livingston
Charter School Payments – Kelda Livingston
Check Escheatment – Lindsey Jorgensen
Copier Reading Reports/Invoices – Lindsey Jorgensen
Deposits – Julia Adkins
DUNS/CCR/SAM – Lindsey Jorgensen
External Audit Liaison – Renee Rutley
Facility Rental Payments – Julia Adkins
Fixed Assets – Julia Adkins
Google Finance Folder/Calendar – Julia Adkins
Indirect Cost – Lindsey Jorgensen
Insurance Claims – Julia Adkins
LBAAS – Lindsey Jorgensen/Kelda Livingston
RACF – Julia Adkins
School Allotments – Bernie Sochia/Kelda Livingston
SchoolFunds Liaison – Renee Rutley
STIF Account – Lindsey Jorgensen
Summer Camps – Julia Adkins
Vehicle (Board-Owned) Titles & Tags – Julia Adkins
Vendor File Information (LINQ) – Julia Adkins/Joni Huchzermeier


Annuities (401k, 403(b), 457(b)) – Lisa Coley
Bill My School
– Julia Adkins/Amanda Jose
Deductions & Garnishments – Lisa Coley
Direct Deposit Forms – Summer Cannon
Employment Verifications – Summer Cannon
Extra-Employment Forms – Amanda Jose
Hourly Employees’ Pay – Amanda Jose
Leave of Absence & Disability – Deborah Parker
Longevity – Deborah Parker
Payouts for Employees Leaving HCPS – Deborah Parker
Retirement Payouts – Deborah Parker
ROTC Salaries – Deborah Parker
Salaried Employees’ Pay – Deborah Parker
Timekeeper LINQ-General Questions – Summer Cannon
Tax Forms – Summer Cannon
W2 Information – Deborah Parker


Contact Joni Huchzermeier for
Bid Preparation & RFP’s/RFQ’s
Cooperative Purchasing Programs (NJPA, TCPN, US Communities)
Lease Agreements/Contracts (includes Toshiba)
Purchase Order Processing
Purchasing Guidelines
State Contracts
Vendor/Supplier Information (Who provides what I need to purchase?)