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Parents & Community

Parents are an important partner in education. Parents and schools must work closely together when addressing the needs of students with disabilities. The school staff that works directly with the student should be contacted first when the parent has a concern. The school level administrator may also help address concerns of parents. District level administrators are available to consult on programmatic issues as well as individual student needs.

The Role of Related Service Personnel:  The 14-minute video below describes the role of school psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech language pathologist working in public schools. School-based practitioners and an Exceptional Children Director describe how educationally relevant evaluations are conducted, how IEP teams decide the need for services, and how interventions for students with disabilities occur in the least restrictive school environment.

Video in English

Video in Spanish

The following links may provide helpful information in working with your child and the school staff.

Provide us with input on your last IEP meeting here

North Carolina Public Schools Exceptional Children’s Division

Procedural Safeguards: Handbook on Parent’s Rights

Procedural Safeguards: Handbook on Parent’s Rights (Spanish)

North Carolina Parent’s Center

Autism Society of North Carolina

Parent IEP Checklist: Prepare and Participate

Annual Written Notification

Child Find

Parent Consent for Medicaid Billing Notification

E-mail Listserv: Exceptional Children Information for Parents

Directions for E-mail Listserv