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Occupational Therapy

Child writing with pencil

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a health profession that utilizes the application of purposeful, goal-directed activities in the assessment and treatment of students with a wide variety of disabilities. In an educational setting, occupational therapy uses activity and adapted environments, both human and physical, to facilitate the development and improvement of the student’s skills and independent function, and to decrease the effects of the handicapping condition on the student’s ability to participate in the educational process.

Areas of intervention may include:

  • activities of daily living
  • sensory-motor skills
  • musculo-skeletal development
  • neuromotor development
  • gross motor coordination
  • postural control and balance
  • praxis/motor planning skills
  • oral motor skills
  • functional mobility skills
  • bilateral integration
  • fine motor coordination
  • cognitive integration skills
  • psychosocial skills
  • visual perceptual development
  • visual motor integration