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1. I am moving to the Hendersonville area and my child has received services as a student with a disability his/her current school. What should I do?

It is always helpful for teachers who are not familiar with your child to be able to review the current IEP and the most recent psychological and educational evaluations. Bring these documents with you when you enroll your child and inform the school staff that your child has special needs. The school staff will work with you to continue to provide the services your child requires. Further evaluations may be required.

2. My child is not doing well in school. I am concerned that he may have a disability. Who should I contact?

You should talk with your child’s teacher about your concerns. Many children encounter difficulties at times; however, it may not be due to a disability. There may be interventions that will improve your child’s performance. The teacher may choose to refer your child to the TIER TEAM – a group of teachers and school staff who assist teachers with intervention for students who are experiencing difficulties in school. If interventions and the use of the TIER TEAM do not result in the improvement sought, your child may need to be evaluated for a possible disability.

3. I am not happy with the services my child is getting in the Exceptional Children’s Program. I think that changes need to be made.

You should contact your child’s EC teacher and ask for an IEP meeting. Indicate which school staff you would like to have included in this meeting. At this meeting you should state your concerns and the IEP team will work together to address these concerns. If the team determines that changes are needed, then together you will add to or change the existing IEP. It may be desirable to implement the changes, monitor the student’s performance and then meet again to make some adjustments in the plan.

If you have other questions regarding the Exceptional Children’s Program in Henderson County Public Schools you may contact Ms. Jennifer Shelton, EC Director at 697-4733.