Hidden Gems in Google logo

Take advantage of Google’s Explore tool. This tool is available in Google Docs and provides suggested content and in-app searching functionality. For example, students can conduct research while inside Docs, Sheets and Slides.

To access Explore, simply click on the Explore icon (in the bottom right-hand of the app) or go to Tools> Explore. After viewing any suggested websites, the related research articles can be dragged to the Google file and dropped, resulting in an automatic citation.

This tool replaces the research tool, formerly found in Docs and Slides.

Google Explore Screen Sample
Smarty Pins logo

Want to get your students excited about Geography? Use SMARTYPINS, the fun map trivia game that has users guessing, “Where in the world am I”? Game players start with 1000 miles. Then they are provided with a question and have to drop a pin on a specific location to answer. The closer the pin is to the exact location, the more mileage points the user keeps. The goal is to end the game with as many miles left as possible.

If you and your students want to explore outer space, Google Sky is an older standby. You can explore the sky, the moon and mars. There are also instructional images pointing you to various places in the universe. A great tool for showing NASA images in a more exploratory way.

Google sky sample screen
Google Maps Treks Opening Webpage

Immerse yourself in the world using Google Maps Treks. Enjoy the many areas around the world captured from almost every view. Learn about the world through high quality images. Visit places like the Eiffel tower, Mt. Fuji, the Grand Canyon and the Pyramids. Facts and information are available all throughout the journey.

Have a blast working with artificial intelligence (AI) while drawing! With Quick, Draw! you can see if your drawings can be guessed. This is a super fun and addictive site!

Quick Draw logo
Google Arts & Culture Logo

Interested in exploring worldwide culture and arts? With Google Arts & Culture you can have thousands of works of art at your fingertips. There are even virtual tours you can use with Google Cardboard. Search by artists, historical figures, locations, and even color. Get up close and personal with art from over 70 countries.

Do you have an appointment? Using the appointment slot feature in Google Calendar gives users with a Google account the ability to sign up for available appointments in your calendar. Share your open slots without sharing your entire calendar! Use this for signing up for conferences, material checkouts and more!

Google Calendar appointments sample screen
Shift Z Keys to shortcut in Drive

Ever need to have one Drive file in multiple folders? Creating a copy is not necessary. Just make a shortcut! That way you can add a file to multiple folders in your Drive but really only have one copy! Just select the file and Shift+Z. Then you’ll see ADD instead of MOVE! It’s magical!

Need a tool that types what you say? Built into Google Docs is the Voice Typing tool. Simply turn it on, give the microphone permission, click the microphone and start talking. This is a great tool for students who need assistance typing and for people who prefer to dictate. Super fun!

Voice Typing Menu
Interland logo

Explore the free game-based digital safety and digital citizenship curriculum approved by ISTE! Help your students become good digital citizens in a fun and engaging way in Be Internet Awesome, Google’s new cyber safety curriculum!

Explore demographic statistics and more using the Google Public Data Explorer tool. Compare data from states and countries. Play around with dynamic data to deepen your understanding.

Google Public Data Explorer Tool
Google Alerts sample screen

Would you like to receive email alerts on the topic of your choice from the web, blogs, discussions, videos and other online resources? The Google Alerts app allows you to individualize your interests and delivery preferences for any topic you choose.