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Have you ever tried entering an equation into Google Search? You can get answers and even graphs, depending on the equation.

Google equation search sample

Really need a refined search? Using the Advanced Search and Advanced Image Search allows you to narrow results based on a variety of criteria. Great way to find copyright-free images.

Do you need a timer? Simply enter the time span needed and the word “timer”. You’ll get a working timer complete with alarm. Great for use with students.

Google Timer Search Sample

Do you know how to use search operators to maximize your time? Learn how to use the various operators to refine your searching to get you there faster.

Do you know how to use search tools to refine an image search? Clicking on tools provides a way to filter results by size, color, type, usage rights and more! Show students this to help them when creating projects.

Tools in Google Search

Need to flip a coin or roll a die? Use these two tools for virtual probability activities.

Ever wonder what sound a particular animal makes? Typing in “animal sounds” or “animal noises” provides a list of animals and their sounds. This is a great tool for younger students or for previewing information for student learning.

Results from typing "animal sounds" into Google Search

Need a calculator? When students need a calculator to support classroom work or homework, simply typing “calculator” into the browser brings up a usable calculator tool complete with scientific buttons.

Google calculator search screen

Need fun ways to engage your students in mastering the Google search? Try A Google A Day. In this puzzle game, each day there are 3 questions which answering correctly and quickly keeps points high. It promotes strategic searching and healthy competition.

A Google A Day screen sample

Do you need to limit your search to scholarly resources? Use Google Scholar to do a specialized search and save your searches to a library tied to your Google account.

Google Scholar screen sample