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Backup Information

The term “backup” seems to conjure up thoughts of databases, corporations, and other huge amounts of data; but in truth, we should ALL be backing up our files and data. It is simply a means of making sure digital content is not lost. It is important that you save your files to your home directory ( or M drive) AND an alternate backup device on a regular basis.  Anything you create and may need again in the future should be saved in 2 places, your computer and an external device. In case of a computer crash, reimaging, movement of hardware, or other disaster, it is important to make sure you save these files and save/store them in a different location, too.

There are several options which you should consider at your school site:

  • M: drive
  • Google Drive
  • CDs or DVDs
  • Thumb Drives (or flash drives)

Please back up all important files BEFORE you leave for the summer, AND make an effort to make “backing up of data” a regular habit.

Remember… the STP Rule- Save in Two Places!