Vendor Information

Apple, Inc. (603237)

K-12 Education Inside Sales Rep: Ryan Reber

Ph:512-674-6994,  Fax:866-845-2999, Email:


Sales Representative: Keith Holland

(For quotes on document cameras and other digital products)

2273 South Church St.

Burlington, NC 27216

Email:, Phone: 800-868-2462 x-355  / Fax: 800-298-1181

Dell (601724)

Current Dell pricing for HCPS

Directions for using the Premier Page

Account Manager: Halie Stutz

Office: 512-513-8273


Account Executive: Reese Lapka

Mobile: 828-290-3838


Dell Microsoft Office Purchasing:

Account Executive: Kyle Schmidt

Office: 512-728-1173


Duraline (600696)

For quotes or product information please contact:

(Printers, Ink, Toner, etc.)

Ph: 828-692-1301 (Local)

See our Printer Recommendations for HCPS

SHI (Software House International) (600204)

For quotes or product information please contact:

Sales Rep: Christine Weiner

Phone: (800) 211-0831 Fax: (800) 211-7954  or

Ralph Parmenter,

CDW-G (600298) (Palms, Thumb Drives, Cameras, etc.)

For quotes or product information please contact:

Account Manager: Mark Stout

Phone: 877.419.1217  /  Fax: 847.990.8156


Seedcomm (603737)

For quotes or product information please contact:

(Smartboards, Projectors, etc.)

Sales Rep: Jeff Troxler

Winston-Salem, NC


Ph. 800-600-4577 Ext. 17

Squirrels, LLC (47657)

For quotes and information about REFLECTOR SOFTWARE please contact:


State Contract Information


Darryl Dutcher, Account Executive

Ph. 910-822-0131

Cell 910 584 6020



For purchasing questions please contact:

Henderson County Public Schools

Purchasing Agent: Debbie Pryor CLGPO

Phone: (828) 697-4733 Ext: 2232