Securly Cloud 360: Prioritizing Student Safety and Device Management

Securly 360 Cloud: Student Safety and Device Management cover title photo

Henderson County Public Schools are excited to share that we have purchased Securly 360 Cloud, a system designed to ensure student safety, provide internet filtering and device management tools for the classroom. This system has web-filtering for all device types including ways to monitor for cyberbullying, suicide and violence. It also provides Securly Classroom for teachers to monitor use, push out URLs and share important links. There are also tools for parent controls for managing school-owned devices when students take them home. We are excited about this comprehensive system, and are happy to secure management tools for student safety online. Visit the Securly Classroom page on our website for more information.

As a reminder, we are looking forward to working with you to use the new Chromebook monitoring tools available to teachers. We will be hosting live virtual training sessions available for you to see first hand how this will work with your students. If you would like to register for one of the live virtual training sessions using Google Meet or view training videos on your own time, please see the Training Information for Securly Teacher Tools for more information.



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