Kicking Things Up a Notch with Classkick

Silhouette of a Woman Kicking

Do you want to kicks things up a notch in your classroom? 

Classkick may just be the educational technology tool you have been looking for to give you insight into your students’ learning. This tool is a browser-based application that provides teachers with a view of student work during the creation process. You can see progress and help students at their point of need, supporting student growth in a more immediate way.

First teachers create an assignment that can include drawing, text, links to other resources, images, audio and even video. Students then use their own devices to complete the assignments by entering text, using drawing tools, inserting audio, or answering fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice questions. Teachers can see student work while the students are working and can provide immediate support, feedback or grading.

Try this easy-to-use tool, create a class, design a lesson, link the activity and code into Google Classroom and watch the magic happen.  It’s a great way to support students whether in class or working remotely! Find the resources you need to get started. Go ahead… CLASSKICK things up!

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