They’re Here: Google Classroom Rubrics

Measuring Student Progress with Google Classroom Rubrics

Rubrics have been a staple for measuring student growth and providing students with explanations of levels of growth measurement in assignments. Rubrics can be customized to fit any assignment with multiple criteria on which to be measured. They are great tools for both student and teacher so that grading is clear and levels are described.

Now rubrics are built right into Google Classroom!  When creating an assignment, teachers can create an accompanying rubric specific to the expectations for the tasks. Teachers create levels, criteria and descriptions for the assignment and include points for each performance level.  Additionally, after a rubric is created in one assignment, it can be reused in other assignments, making a more efficient work flow.

Students are able to see the rubrics for the assignment, as well, keeping the student in the loop for work expectations. Once the teacher grades the assignment using the rubric, students will see a simple view and explanation of their score right on their assignment. Putting the assignment and its corresponding rubric in the same place for clarity and efficiency.

Want to learn more? View our Google Classroom Basics Guide or visit Google’s support page on rubrics. Give this new tool a try!

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