Kahoot! and Digital Citizenship

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October 14th through the 18th is Digital Citizenship Week. To support this important week, Kahoot! and Common Sense Media have joined forces to provide some fun, interactive Kahoot! activities for promoting digital citizenship.  Available Kahoots include News & Media Literacy, Who Are You on Social Media?, Dealing with Negativity Online and several more.  Use this for a fun review of these important skills for all who work, live and play in and online world. To view these available Kahoots, visit the Common Sense Media Kahoot! page.

Remember that Common Sense Media also offers a wide array of supportive materials including Digital Citizenship Week videos, Digital Citizenship instructional resources, classroom posters, and family engagement resources. Let’s remember that we must teach these skills not only in the beginning of the school year or during Digital Citizenship Week, but throughout the year in order to remind our students to be responsible and safe online community members.

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