HCPS Internet Safety System Now Available in Spanish

Translation Team

We are super excited to announce that the student resources within the HCPS Internet Safety System are now available in Spanish! After the system’s launch in the 2018-2019 school year, we knew we needed to expand these resources to be accessible for our Spanish-speaking students in order to ensure comprehension of the instructional materials. This summer our department worked with Simone Wertenberger and her ESL/MEP staff to come up with a solution.  A team was formed that worked to transcribe, translate, and record the video and text content into Spanish. This hard-working team included Lilliana Martinez Salgado (HCPS), Ivan Alejandro Padron Bueno (NCDPI), Evelyn Alarcon (HCPS) and Israel Olivares (HCPS).

We are proud to make these resources available to the HCPS students to support internet safety for ALL!

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