For Parents

Parents, if you are new to the Henderson County area, you may have a lot of questions about the school system. The following information will provide the answers to many of your questions.

For parents who have lived in Henderson County for a number of years, but have children entering the school system for the first time, this page is also for you!

And, of course, for parents who have been through this before, we have information that will keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings in elementary education.

For our year-round (Flexible Schedule) schools, Bruce Drysdale Elementary and Hendersonville Elementary, the new school year begins in July.

For all other elementary schools (Traditional Schedules), the school year begins in August.

The four most common questions parents have are:

1. What Will My Child Learn?

Click to read more about the NC Standard Course of Study. Also, below we provide booklets you can download for each elementary grade. Click on the links below to get this information.

Parents Guide to Student Success Guía Para Padres Para Fomentar el Éxito Escolar
Kindergarten Kindergarten
First Grade Primer Grado
Second Grade Segundo Grado
Third Grade Tercer Grado
Fourth Grade Cuarto Grado
Fifth Grade Quinto Grado

2. What are the promotion requirements?

Promotion requirements are important for parents to monitor. This helps keep your child on track throughout the year. This is especially important for end-of-grade testing, which occurs in third, fourth, and fifth grades. (See also information about the Read to Achieve Program and the parent brochure below.) In order to be considered for promotion by the principal, a student must:

1. Demonstrate proficiency on the grade level state curriculum competencies as measured by designated assessments and each grade, K-5.

2. Elementary students must be in attendance for a minimum of 164 days to be considered for promotion to the next grade (Board Policy #405); and

3. Meet the classroom teacher’s grade level expectations.

Click for the NC School Report Card.
Students in Grades 3 through 5 receive individual progress reports using the same grading scale as students in Grades 6-12.


3. What is the Attendance Policy for Henderson County Public Schools?

North Carolina law states that a child who is five years old on or before October 16 is eligible for public school kindergarten, or first grade if the child will be six by the same date. It also states that children between the ages of 7 and 16 must attend school.

**Special Note**: The North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation in the summer of 2007 that changes the birthdate requirement for kindergarten enrollment eligibility. Beginning in the fall of 2009, a child must be five years old on or before August 31st in order to be eligible to enroll in public school kindergarten. Click to read more about GS 115C-364.

Attendance requirements for credit and promotion require students to be in attendance for a minimum of:

Elementary School: 164 days
Middle School: 166 days
High School: (on 4 x 4 block schedule) 85 days; (on traditional schedule) 170 days
Excessive absences can result in non-promotion in Grades K-8 or course failure in high school.

Read to Achieve

The Read to Achieve Program became law in July 2012. It applies to all North Carolina schools beginning with the 2013-2014 school year. It is part of the Excellent Public Schools Act passed by the NC General Assembly.

The goal of the State is to ensure that every student reads at or above grade level at the end of third grade and continues to progress in reading proficiency so that he or she can read, comprehend, integrate, and apply complex text as needed for secondary education and career success.

For more detailed information, click here for the Read to Achieve Parent Brochure.

Leer para Lograr Folleto para Padres

More Links and Information for Parents

HCPS Childcare Information
Henderson County Public School Licensed Childcare Programs Information

Homeless Programs
HELP Program Information

General Forms
Click for assistance in obtaining copies of birth certificates
Forms and other information to answer your questions about Henderson County Public Schools

Henderson County School Board Policies
School Board Policies

Immunization Requirements and Information
Immunization Information

No Child Left Behind Information

No Child Left Behind Parent Information
No Child Left Behind (Title I) Parent Information
No Child Left Behind: Informacion para los padres
Informacion para padres cuyos ninos assisten a escuelas clasificadas bajo el Titulo I
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Information on No Child Left Behind

Additional Parent Resources

Great Websites for Kids to Use (sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children, a Division of the American Library Association)

Letterland: A Parent Guide to Our Phonics Program

NCDPI: “Making the Grade” Newsletters

North Carolina Smart Start

Parents of Exceptional Children: Parents’ Rights Information and Handbook

Garantías de Procedimiento: Manual de Derechos de Los Padres

Exceptional Children Information for Parents

PBS Parent’s Guide to Early Math

The American Library Association/Association for Library Service to Children has released a bibliography, “Great Early Elementary Reads,” featuring recommended book titles for children who are just learning to read and beginning to read on their own. The book is free to download, copy, and distribute. For more information about ALSC and other resources they offer, visit: ALA/ALSC.

Click to download a copy of the bibliography: Great Early Elementary Reads

Growth and Development Information

The following is a link to documents that will be used in the Fifth Grade Growth and Development Curriculum: Materials for Parent Use

“Helping Your Child” Series

Following are parent tools and information from the U.S. Department of Education. These booklets are topic related and feature practical lessons and activities for parents to help children ages 3 through 10 with reading, math, and science. Other booklets provide guidance in teaching your child to become a good citizen, learn history, and succeed in school. There is also a booklet to help prepare your pre-school child for Kindergarten.

Helping Your Child . . . Como Ayudar a su Hijo . . .
Become a Good Citizen Ciencias
With Homework Ciudadano
Learn History Escuela
Learn Math Lector
Prepare for Preschool Matematicas
Learn to Read Preescolar
Learn Science Tareaescolar
Succeed in School

Safety Links

Computer Safety

Bus Stop Safety Tips

North Carolina School Bus Safety

North Carolina School Bus Stop Law

Transportation Information

Henderson County Public Schools Transportation Information

Summer Activities
Try these activities with your child during the summer break. They will help keep your child’s skills sharp for the coming school year.

Math Skills English Language Skills
Kindergarten Summer Math Calendar Kindergarten ELA Calendar
First Grade Summer Math Calendar First Grade ELA Calendar
Second Grade Summer Math Calendar Second Grade ELA Calendar
Third Grade Summer Math Calendar (Not available)
Fourth Grade Summer Math Calendar (Not available)
Fifth Grade Summer Math Calendar (Not available)

“Find-A-Book” Web site and information for summer reading:

How to “Find-A-Book”

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