Technology in the Classroom

There are many resources to support the use of technology in the classroom. We have collected those that we feel will best help you understand how to better integrate technology and will support your professional learning with regard to digital teaching and blended learning. Click on the links to discover more.

What is the Difference Between Using Technology & Integrating Technology?

Using TechnologyTechnology Integration
Technology usage is random, arbitrary & often an afterthought.Technology usage is planned & purposeful.
Technology is rarely or sporadically used in the classroom.Technology is a routine part of the classroom environment.
Technology is used purely for the sake of using technology.Technology is used to support curricular goals and learning objectives.
Technology is used to instruct students on content.Technology is used to engage students with content.
Technology is mostly being used by the instructor(s).Technology is mostly being used by the student(s).
Focus on simply using technologies.Focus on using technologies to create and develop new thinking processes.
More instructional time is spent learning how to use the technology.More instructional time is spent using the technology to learn.
Technology is used to complete lower-order thinking tasks.Technology is used to encourage higher-order thinking skills.
Technology is used solely by individuals working alone.Technology is used to facilitate collaboration in and out of the classroom.
Technology is used to facilitate activities that are feasible or easier without technology.Technology is used to facilitate activities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.
Technology is used to deliver information.Technology is used to construct and build knowledge.
Technology is peripheral to the learning activity.Technology is essential to the learning activity.