Technology in the Classroom: Getting Back to Basics

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Now that the majority of students have returned to in-person learning, it’s time to talk again about Technology Integration strategies that will make best use of the digital tools we have in the district. For the last year, we have been thrown into an environment where every lesson, every activity and every strategy you were using involved a device and/or some type of technology tool. The positive side of this is that we have secured technology so that students have had access to their own devices for use in and out of the classroom.

But, now that you have your students in class all day, what are the things we need to remember when integrating technology? First, it is important to remember that devices can now be used to support, enhance and assess student learning and classroom instruction, rather than being the sole method of delivery. Also, it is important to go back to the basics with technology integration models to ensure that you are implementing strategies and tools in the classroom that will augment in-person learning and strategies that lead to student success.

In EdTech Digest’s article, New Year, More Digital: Technology’s Role in Education for 2021, find some information that will help you process the role of technology in your classroom and provide information on how this might look in education moving forward. Also remember that even though we have access to many more devices, the expectation is not that students be viewing screens all day, every day. We want to use technology to help students learn, become better digital citizens and provide cohesive technology activities which are integrated into classroom instruction rather than being in isolation.

Please let us know if we can assist you in making the transition back to school and your use of technology in the classroom.

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