Searching with Purpose

Searching with Purpose

As you know, NCDPI provides us with the wonderful resources NCWiseOwl! We would like to highlight one of this year’s included resources – Britannica School!

Students need to learn the importance of saving time during research and how to access high quality materials faster on their desired topics. Although we can certainly teach them how to narrow searches with Google, why not start them off with something even easier to learn?

  1. Go to Britannica School Learning Levels page.
  2. Choose your appropriate level and enter a search term.Brittanica Learning Levels
  3. You will see a variety of options and media types associated with that search term. OList of Britannica Search Term Resourcesptions include articles, images, videos, dictionary, magazines, websites, primary sources, e-Books, and more.
  4. Simply click on the type of resource you need and view the list available on the entered search term.
  5. In the search results window, you can also toggle between elementary, middle and high school levels in order to find the right fit for what you need. Learning Levels
  6. If you create an educator Britannica account, you can even assign these materials through Google Classroom, making this an excellent tool for finding instructional resources. Students can also create accounts and save their resources to use in their research, including citation tools!Save to Google Classroom

Use this tool to locate high-quality resources for research and lesson planning. It’s free and easy to use!

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