Explore Coding with Dash & Dot

Two teachers working with Dash using cups, a grid mat, and an iPad

For those of you who work with students at the elementary level or students at an elementary learning level, Dash & Dot robots provide an easy and interactive way to learn coding. Dash is a wheeled robot who can be programmed to move, make sounds, and more. His friend Dot can be programmed to talk, make light patterns and interact with Dash.  These two are a fun pair to introduce and enhance coding language in your classroom.

2 teachers working with Dash, the task cards, an iPad and a grid matLast year a group of teachers came and explored Dash and Dot coding and learned about how these robots can be used to reinforce skills, introduce coding language, support collaboration and develop problem-solving skills. Each robot is controlled by block coding created on an iPad. Skills cards provide students with problems to solve.  These solutions are created by forming lines of code.  It is always exciting to get Dash and Dot to do what the program requires.

Would you like to learn more about Dash & Dot robots? Even if you don’t have them in your school or classroom, attending this workshop give you access to these robots.  Teachers who participate in the Dash & Dot training are then able to check out kits to use in their classrooms. Each kit contains one Dash and one Dot robot, 2 iPads, robot attachments (bulldozer, bunny ears, etc.), and task cards. Optional checkout items include a xylophone and a teacher’s guide book. There are 2 kits available for checkout from Mills River Academy.


Two teachers working with an iPad and Dash wearing the bulldozer attachment

Would you like to attend our 2-session workshop on Dash & Dot this year?  We would love to have you register for our “Learn to Code with Dash & Dot” session on October 21st and 22nd from 3:30-4:45 at Mills River Academy in the Small Conference room. Register for this session in Frontline. We look forward to seeing you there!

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