Welcome to 2019-2020!

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Welcome to the new school year!  We are excited for a new year to begin. Whether you are new to HCPS or are returning for another great year, we wanted to remind you of a few resources to help you get the year started off right.

Join your Google Groups and add your Google Calendars

Remember that you should add any groups or calendars that you need to your own HCPS Google account.  You can access these from either the Elementary, Middle or High School links pages.

Use Your New & Improved Staff Resources Page

Each school has their own Staff Resources Page that is linked in the Application Launcher of that school.  It will also be available in the hcpsnc.org bookmarks folder on your Chromebooks.

Need DLCs (Digital Learning Credits)?

Don’t forget that we offer both face-to-face and online classes throughout the year.  View our current list of face-to-face sessions. Access the list of available online courses.

Remember the HCPS Internet Safety Requirements

Please remember that all staff who access the internet must complete the HCPS Internet Safety System for Staff.  Additionally, all students in grades K, 1, 3, 6, and 9 must complete the training in this system BEFORE ACCESSING THE INTERNET.  For more information on this, please see the Internet Safety Training Guide.

Welcome Staff Members New to HCPS

Welcome to all staff members who are new to HCPS. We are excited to have you join our HCPS family.  Each new staff member should receive an email with resources from the Instructional Technology Department.  If you cannot locate your email, please review the welcome resources.

We Are Here for You!

Remember that we are here as a resource for YOU!  Whether you’re looking for ideas on technology integration, best practices, best tools for the job, or troubleshooting, remember we are just an email away!  Feel free to contact us!

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