Meet Updates Are Rolling In!

Google Meet Updates

Google has been announcing upcoming features to its video conferencing platform, Meet. These updates are scheduled through the end of 2020. We are excited to announce that the first wave of these updates are rolling out to HCPS users now!

Beginning today, HCPS staff users should begin to see controls for screen sharing and chat management included in Host Controls.  Additionally the tiled layout now includes a 49 maximum tile display to show up to 49 participants in the video call. Users will now have the ability to turn on background blurring to remove distracting backgrounds from being seen while on camera. Lastly, users can turn on noise cancellation, when in areas with lots of non-speaking sounds, in order to provide a better listening experience for others.  We are so excited about this first wave of new features and look forward to the next wave of enhancements to Google Meet.

To learn more about these recent updates, visit our Google Meet Updates Guide.

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