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RTL: Emotional & Mental Wellness

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As we all attempt to do what’s best for our students and families, the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic make it especially important to know when your young person’s responses to stress are normal and when to ask for help. The HCPS Office of Student Services has developed a resource to help families, and to offer guidance about where to find support.

child with crossed arms and text Access the “Mental Health Information for Staff, Students and Families” document in English and Spanish for information on mental health, signs a young person may be facing a mental health challenge, tips on approaching the subject, and how to get help.

Access the comprehensive “Mental Health & Crisis Resources” document in English and Spanish for detailed listings of the local agencies that offer various support services to children, youth, and adults in our community. This resource was compiled and designed by the HCPS Public Information Office and Office of Student Services, with assistance from the Henderson County Department of Public Health.