Amanda Glover is 2021 Exceptional Children’s “Educator of Excellence”

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Amanda Glover, speech language pathologist for Henderson County Public Schools (HCPS), has been named district representative for the North Carolina’s Exceptional Children’s Educator of Excellence, and will represent HCPS at the statewide annual conference November in Greensboro.

A homegrown educator and East Henderson High alum, Glover began her career in 2017 as a speech language pathologist (SLP) in Spartanburg County School District Two, but returned home to live and work in the Henderson County community in 2019. In the two short years she’s served HCPS, Glover has made a tremendous impact on the teachers she supports and the students she serves.

“Ms. Glover creates fun and engaging therapeutic activities for her students to help them achieve their speech goals,” said Dr. Jennifer Shelton, HCPS Director of Exceptional Children. “She creates a warm and inviting environment for students so they are eager to work with her.”

In her role as a speech language pathologist, Glover works with all student age groups, including Pre-Kindergarten. With her expertise, Glover assists teachers in noticing when children have speech and language difficulties that impact their learning, and provides on-site services if the students are referred to her for treatment.

Glover increases educators’ understanding of the categories speech language pathologists in HCPS use to determine if a student would benefit from speech language services: fluency, articulation, receptive and expression language, voice and resonance, and pragmatic language.

“These are things that impact how students are understood, and we can address those through treatment,” Glover said. “We cover anything from sound errors to communicating basic wants and needs,” she said, explaining, “It’s about helping students get their communication to a level of functionality in the classroom.”

Megan Alessi, assistant principal at Glenn C. Marlow Elementary, sees Glover’s impact on students and their families firsthand. “When she talks to the families, her eyes sparkle with excitement as she shares (students’) hard work and growth, and parents see that,” Alessi said. “As a mom, that comfort and security that you have someone that talented and loving working with your student? That’s priceless.”

In a nomination letter to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, Shelton and Superintendent Dr. John Bryant add that Glover is a true professional in everything she does and a collaborative leader who provides valued consultation to her colleagues on the SLP team. And, in her spare time, Glover returns to the dance floor at East Henderson High. Glover was on the EHHS Dance Team while she was a student, and now assistant coaching the team is an important reason she returned to the HCPS community.

“I’ve loved Henderson County, always,” Glover said. “I loved school when I was in it, I love teaching dance, so I came back.” Humbled by the district’s EC Educator of Excellence award, Glover credits her peers and the HCPS school community for the recognition. “I have so much support from everyone across the county,” she said.

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