NC Scholars Requirements

Students who complete the State Board of Education requirements for a well-balanced, challenging high school program will be named North Carolina Academic Scholars and receive special recognition. Most students should begin planning for the program as they enter the ninth grade to ensure they get the most flexibility in their courses. The students who qualify for this special recognition will receive a Seal of recognition attached to their diploma and receive an Honor Cord worn at graduation. Students may use this special recognition in applying for post-secondary institutions.

North Carolina Academic Scholars requirements Class of 2016 and beyond

Unweighted high school cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
Complete all requirements for a North Carolina high school diploma

  • 4 English (I, II, III, IV)
  • 4 Math (I, II, III, and a math course with Math III as a pre-requisite)
  • 3 Science (Biology, Earth/Environmental, Physics or Chemistry)
  • 4 Social Studies (World History, Civics/Economics, American History 1, American History 2)
  • 1 Health and Physical Education
  • 2 Foreign Language
  • 4 Elective Credits (All 4 credits in one of the following areas: CTE, Arts Education, any other subject)
  • 3 Honors Level Credits (taken during the 12th and/or 13th year, includes dual enrollment courses)

Please note that students participating in the Scholars Program may not enroll in any of the classes required for this program on a pass-fail basis. We also want students to know that it is their responsibility to ensure that the correct courses are taken in order to be eligible for the North Carolina Scholars Program.  It is helpful for students to let their high school counselor know if they plan to pursue this award.