Sixth-Grader Wins 2018 Eagles Spelling Bee

Teachers with spelling bee champ

can·a·pé   (/ˈkanəˌpā,ˈkanəˌpē/)

Sixth-grader Kenny M. will probably never forget the word for “a small piece of bread or pastry with a savory topping,” now that his correct spelling of the word earned him the title of Flat Rock Middle School 2018 Eagles Spelling Bee champ.

Originally scheduled to take place in December 2018, the date for the 2018 bee kept getting pushed due to inclement weather – but Kenny’s win was just as sweet in February.

In its second year, the annual spelling bee pitted 15 students – one from each homeroom – against each other on Friday, Feb. 15.

“Homeroom teachers previously completed a ‘spell-down’ to declare classroom champions,” explained reading teacher and spelling bee organizer Jeff Bloomer.

Bloomer said he hopes to grow the spelling bee beyond Flat Rock Middle, with the goal of having teams from Apple Valley, Hendersonville, Rugby, and Flat Rock middles compete in a district challenge.

Joining Kenny in 2018 Eagles Spelling Bee victory was 8th-grader Lily C. in 2nd Place, and 6th-grader Eli W. in 3rd Place.

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