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Library Jobs During Specials

Here at Marlow, we help our students take leadership in their learning. During Media specials, students will take turns “working” in one of three leadership jobs. Jobs are rotated on a weekly basis.


As students check out their books at the self-checkout station, the Cardkeeper will be responsible for collecting library cards and making sure the check-out process goes smoothly. They will let Ms. Waxman know if there are any problems such as late/missing library books, trying to check out too many books at a time, or issues with scanning the books.

Library Inspector

Students are expected to treat the library with respect and keep the books neat. The Library Inspector’s job is to walk through the bookshelves at the end of class, tidying up any shelves that are messy and picking up books that are misplaced or on the ground. This is a very important job as it keeps our Media Center looking nice!

Technology Wrangler

The Media Center has recently acquired a Chromebook cart exclusively for use during Media lessons! All technology must be treated responsibly. It is the job of the Technology Wrangler to make sure all the Chromebooks are put in the correct numbered spot and plugged in. This teaches our students to respect the tools they use to learn.

Library Assistants (4th Grade)

We have student assistants in grade 4 who collect, shelve and circulate books in the morning from 7:50 am – 8:10 am. A different group of students will serve each 9 weeks, with each student coming to the library on a specific day of the week.

Being a Library Assistant is great if you love books, love to help, and want to show leadership skills. If you are in 4th grade and are interested in being a library assistant, see Ms. Waxman for an application form at the beginning of the school year!

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