Absences and Tardies

Attendance is important every day of the school year. Your child is expected to be in attendance each day of the regular school year which is normally 180 school days. The HCPS states that students in elementary schools must be in attendance a minimum of 164 days to be considered for promotion to the next grade; they can miss no more that 16 days. All absences, even if excused and lawful, are counted against the attendance requirements. While students may be absent for legitimate reasons, it is the expectation that the lost time will be made up at the school during provided make-up sessions. Students who are absent due to chronic conditions will have their absences taken under advisement.

Exceeding the Absence Limit

Students in grades K-8 who exceed the absence limit may not be promoted. Students who exceed the limit have the option to make up time and academic work outside the normal school hours as approved and scheduled by the principal.

Parents are requested not to pick up a child before the regular dismissal time. This is an interruption of the educational process, not only for your child, but the other children as well. Please be considerate of the needs of others. If a child leaves before 11:30 am and does not return, he/she will be marked absent for the entire day. However, any portion of the day that children can attend is to their benefit.


Students arriving after 8:00 am are tardy and must report to the office for admittance to class. Students should not leave school prior to 3:00 pm except for appointments/emergencies. These early dismissals are counted the same as morning tardies. Continued tardies will result in conferences and making up time after school with work assignments. Tardies cost your child valuable educational instruction. Tardies also interrupt the learning process for other students. Please be considerate of other students’ education.

Henderson County Attendance Policy