Students are allowed to use an HCEC Chromebook for educational and research purposes. Chromebooks will be signed out in the Computer Lab. Content watch applications archive web addresses of sites the user visits for reference should questions arise about technology use. The principal/designee has the authority to review the archives and search documents, pictures, artwork, and other files created or stored on the laptop if sufficient suspicion exists to indicate inappropriate use of technology or the Internet. Internet misuse or the misuse of HCPS technology can result in the loss of internet/technology privileges for specific students. See HCPS board policy for more information.

HCEC students are allowed to use their personal laptops and/or tablets for school purposes. Students who bring their own laptops will not be able to log in using Active Directory; however, they will be able to access the BRCC wireless on campus and the HCPS guest login. The school and its employees are not liable for the damage, loss, or theft of personal property belonging to students.

Please see school cell phone policy under the “Expectations” link.